LAVANDRE - Lavender
LAVANDRE - Lavender
LAVANDRE - Lavender

LAVANDRE - Lavender

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This Classico soap is enriched with pistachio oil for a smooth and creamy bathing experience, and infused with its own fragrance. But they are just as prized for their beautiful packaging. They are hand-wrapped, and finished with a regal-looking lacquer seal. Every scent has a different illustration on its wrapping, with designs that draw on Claus Porto’s rich graphic archives.

Claus Porto’s take on the classic lavander scent blends floral notes with patchouli and woody elements, to bring a fresh depth to the fragrance. The soap’s ornated label nods to the house’s 19th Century roots.
Top Notes: geranium and eucalyptus.
Heart Notes: lavender and pine.
Base Notes: patchouli and tonka.


150 g|Mini Seife - 50 g

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